Experience a thrilling, 3/4 mile track with karts that Hit speedS OVER 50 mph!

OVRP will provide all necessary instruction and racing equipment.  Basic driving instruction and a safety briefing is mandatory prior to getting out on the track.  

We have Adult karts(must be 5′ tall) and Junior karts (must be 4′ tall) to accommodate most adults and kids.  Individuals, groups, private parties, families or corporations are welcome to get out and drive one of our brand new 9hp CRG Centurion Karts on OVRP’s challenging 3/4 mile, 11 turn, technical and demanding outdoor track. Come and enjoy a great driving or racing experience at Oakland Valley Race Park.

Email us at info@ovrp.net to discuss group or private driving or race events.  No kart rentals in the rain or under wet track conditions.  Call ahead to check.


At OVRP we have two types of karts we rent:

  • “Stock Karts” – 270cc 9hp CRG Centurion 
    • Hit speeds over 50 mph (Sr. karts)
    • Not your typical “fun center” rental karts
    • Sr. Kart (5′ tall min) & Jr. Kart (4′ tall min) 
  • “Performance Karts” – full blown race karts
    • Hit speeds over 70 mph (adult kart)
    • Must have experience to rent these karts
    • “Intro to Karting” offers transition to Performance Kart Rentals
    • Adult, Mini, Micro, and Kid Karts Available

For each type of kart we rent, we offer various programs to cover any experience level and any desired on track experience.  

Please visit the appropriate page for more detail or send an email to info@ovrp.net:

  • Stock Kart Rental Options & Pricing (coming soon)
  • Performance Kart Rental Options & Pricing (ditto)
  • Group Kart Rentals, Parties, & Events (ditto)



Rental Kart driving sessions and rental race events utilize a state of the art Club Speed registration and timing system.  In addition to providing easy registration, this system will help inform you of when your driving session will be on track and, more importantly, will show you your lap times..and your friends lap times too…once you are done driving!

TV monitors on site scroll through recent rental session results and times, show lap records for each day, week, month, and for the year.  Let the competition and trash talk begin!

Also, once registered, you can login to our site to view your lap times and overall race history.

Finally, live timing is available on the “Live Timing” page of our site when rental karts are on track.  So you can follow on your phone or allow others who did not make the trip to follow your results.



Driving or racing our karts is fun, but our #1 priority is safety.  Your safety in the kart, safety for others on the track, and safety for our staff.  With that in mind, we take our Rental Kart Rules & Policies very seriously…and so should you.  Please review them.


We DO NOT operate rental karts in the rain or a wet track.  No exceptions.


Call today to reserve karts and the entire track–great for large groups for birthday and bachelor parties or unique corporate events.

Hours of Operation


During racing season (April-Nov), weather permitting, the track is open most weekdays (except Mondays) for kart and motorcycle practice, testing, and tuning. Please call for confirmation of hours and availability.

NO RACE MOTORS STARTED ON PREMISES BEFORE 10AM. Gates open at 8am, track opens at 10am. Practice days generally run from 10am to 6pm. Sessions will alternate between kart classes and motorcycles. Each session is approximately 15 minutes. The Hannen Motorsports Race Team is occasionally away from the track to attend out of town race events, so please call the shop for any special needs: 845-754-8500.

Race weekends:

NO RACE MOTORS STARTED ON PREMISES BEFORE 10AM. Gates open at 8am. practice sessions begin at 10am. For night races, official practice begins at 2pm.These is no Open Practice prior to night races.


Open from 9am-5pm on weekdays, and 8am until 6pm on race weekends. Please call before visiting for shop service, OVRP Race Team/Staff is occasionally away attending out of town race events.

Rascasse Cafe:

The Rascasse Café is open weekends only, from 8am until late afternoon. The café is also available to accommodate private events.

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