OVRP Kart Racing

OVRP regional series events, NY State Rotax Championship and the NE Shifter Kart Series are events where drivers compete for titles and rank in national programs. After instruction, drivers can compete on a higher level and experience the thrill of world-class kart racing. Club and regional race, “classes” refers to the age group and equipment/engine. 

2017 OVRP class structure & race schedule:

Every year OVRP works tirelessly to ensure we are evolving and utilizing the latest technology for the ultimate racing experience. 
For the 2017 each class structure has been updated to challenge our racers to go faster and harder than ever. 
NOTE: See NEW class structures & specs. NEW MG tires are required for all classes.

KID KART: 5-8 yrs (C51, M1-IAME)
MICRO: 7-9 yrs (Swift, Rok Rotax – MicroMax)
MINI: 8-13 yrs (Swift, Rok Rotax – MicroMax)
MINIMAX ROTAX: 10-12 yrs
JUNIOR IAME: 12-15 yrs (IAME Leopard, IAME X30)
JUNIOR TAG: 12-15 yrs (IAME Leopard, IAME X30, Rotax, Rok)
SENIOR TAG: 15+ yrs (IAME Leopard, IAME X30, Rotax, Rok)
TAG MASTER: 21+ yrs (IAME Leopard, IAME X30, Rotax, Rok)
IAME MASTER: 21+ yrs (Rotax, Rok)
OPEN SHIFTER 125cc: 15+ yrs (KZ, Rok, ICC ,Stock Moto, Mod Moto)

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2017 OVRP  race schedule:

Top 10 scoring races for each driver for championship points. 2 drops – DQ’s may not be dropped. Check for classes, tire rules, etc. – Everyone is welcome to race at Oakland Valley Race Park. No engines running before 10am please – Night races, Practice starts at 3pm sharp

Paving has been completed! Come see the updated track layout and new racing surface at OVRP as we put final touches in place. Excitement is high to unveil the new track layout and driving surface to first time visitors and returning OVRP racers.


engine Trade-in information

Deadline for IAME & Rotax Trade-ins, JULY 31st. For NE racers should go through OVRP as it will help us gauge quantities when we are stocking the shop to support our customers needs.

Effective immediately, IAME USA East and West are pleased to announce the 2017 IAME Trade In Program.  Details click here.

Rok/Vortex engine trade-in program extended. Details similar to IAME, w/shifter engine for $2200. Trade-in form click here. 

Questions? OVRP is here to help, contact us for more info. 


4-Day Summer Camp Kart Racing School (8-16 years old, 9-3pm)

Expert instruction by World Class Karting Champion, Stevan McAleer and his team. Designed for drivers of all ages/levels, enhancing every part of their race-craft aptitude, focusing on the fundamentals of karting including; qualifying, cold tire laps, passing, starts, and race strategy–and that only scratches the surface of this proven curriculum.

July 17–20 Mon-Thurs, 9am-3pm

July 24–27 Mon-Thurs, 9am-3pm

Aug 14–17 Mon-Thurs, 9am-3pm

Bring your equipment, or rent ours! Drivers can choose one session or all three.
Register ASAP, classes have waiting lists every year. 

Download the summer camp form here and email to stevanmcaleer43@hotmail.com:

Karting Sanctioning Bodies

For OVRP track rules, regulations & information, click here.