Track & Facility Upgrades:

  • New technologically advanced asphalt with special 
    polymers designed specifically for racing 
  • Upgrading multi-configuration layout to improve circuit 
  • Added hairpin and off camber breaking zone, 
    to challenge and further develop drivers 
  • Extending track to approx. .7 of a mile, 
    adds 4-5 seconds to average lap times for karts
  • Widened track, min of 26’ (30’  starting area, as prescribed by FIA)
  • Pit lane parallel to the straightaway for hot pit testing
  • New timing system includes split time info to help driver lower their lap times
  • Pit parking to host larger events  
  • Larger speedway pits  and more…

“We have painstakingly analyzed international standards for karting tracks as set by the FIA CIK and researched every track in North America to come up with the best mix and configuration possible, to take racing at OVRP to the next level. The professionals at Catalyst Construction, a crew with extensive experience in karting, automobile, and motorcycle tracks, will make the necessary improvements to ensure OVRP remains one of the most technically challenging tracks in the US, while bringing it up to modern standards.“ – Tim Hannen & OVRP Team


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